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Strategy & Range Planning

Planning your business strategy might sound daunting, but it's essentially just creating a roadmap for success. Whether you're launching a new brand or seeking support for an established business, we've got you covered.


With experience in developing and delivering strategies for multimillion-pound brands, small boutiques, omnichannel retailers, and pure-play digital brands, we help you set realistic goals and clear timelines, providing a straightforward path to success.


We understand the complexities of building and planning a successful product range, for examples balancing elements such as pricing, silhouette, colour, category mixes, options, margin, volume, and more. With extensive experience in conceptualising and launching brands, we assist you in creating considered collections that are not only on trend and innovative but also profitable, commercial, and successful.

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Product Development

Bringing great ideas to life requires more than just vision; it demands expertise. Without knowledgeable product developers, and support from experts, communicating your concepts to a factory can be challenging.


At Strut Studio, we have extensive experience, having worked with factories globally for many years, of how to ensure your vision is realised, saving costly rounds of sampling and ensuring fit, technical and legal requirements are considered. 


We constantly scour the market for the newest and highest quality materials, trims and constructions to ensure your samples are in perfect synergy with your vision, brand and pricing requirements. 

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We are passionate about sustainable and ethical sourcing, recognising that choosing the right factory is paramount to the success of your collections. Building strong relationships with the factories producing your collections can be challenging but is crucial to ensure your vision is interpreted correctly.

Navigating this complex challenge is where we excel. We assist you in selecting and nurturing relationships with the right factories, carefully balancing considerations like cost, MOQs, location, handwriting, and crucially alignment with your environmental and ethical values.

Our extensive experience allows us to connect you with high-quality, trusted factories. These are globally renowned, audited factories that reflect your brand's values, providing the foundation for a truly circular brand. Let's embark on this journey together and create collections you'll be proud of.

trend design and development

Trend Forecasting & Design

At Strut Studio, we bring concepts to life by leveraging our extensive experience and partnering with some of the industry's best designers. Our support for your vision includes detailed CADs, technical specifications, and colour-ups, where we suggest colours, materials, and trims tailored to align with your brand identity and price requirements.

Furthermore, we provide valuable resources such as trend reports, competitor analysis, and industry insights, ensuring our clients are equipped with essential knowledge and secrets to succeed.

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Marketing & Launch Strategies

Creating a successful range isn't just about producing and delivering the right products; it involves crucial marketing strategies to put your collection in front of your ideal customers. With extensive experience of conceptualising and launching new brands and countless ranges, we've gained valuable experience, navigating the hurdles and pitfalls along the way so that you don't have to.

Benefiting from extensive experience in successful launches, photoshoots, social media management, content creation and scheduling, networking, and overall marketing strategies, we are well-equipped to advise you on the best way to launch your collection and create a buzz. Not only that, but we can also connect you with our industry expert contacts - these connections can play a pivotal role in planning and executing successful campaigns for your brand.

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